Master Beginner Level on the Ukulele

Everything you need to know to become unstoppable on the uke 🙂

Build a Strong Rhythm Foundation, Play with confidence, Have Fun! 🙂

6-week live online ukulele class

Feeling stuck at the beginner level?
Not sure how to level up?

Stop surfing YouTube videos, and finally make some real progress!
Register today and get lifetime access to Ukulele Foundations.

Master the beginner level and bring your smile back

Simple concepts and solid basics will boost your confidence and momentum.

Sound better, have more fun, and fall in love with the ukulele all over again!

Top-shelf knowledge for ukulele beginners

I went through the best resources out there so that you can have fun right away.

Weekly lessons and workouts are packaged with your progress in mind.

6 live classes and 12 play-along practice sessions!

Each class unlocks a ukulele superpower, while practice sessions turbocharge them.

Play exersongs, stay motivated, and get the most out of the class!

Lifetime Access to the Ukulele Foundations course

Take the course at any time! Even when there is no live class in progress.

Go at your own pace thanks to your lifetime access to recordings of the classes!

Jam with Geoff: Your Ukulele Coach

Black and white picture of Tanya Nielsen and Geoff Belanger. They are both sitting behind microphones and are holding respectively a ukulele and an acoustic guitar.
  • Believes that anyone can learn to play the Ukulele
  • Has been teaching music for over two decades
  • Wants you to have a few minutes of happiness every day
  • Thinks it’s silly to keep helpful accumulated knowledge to himself
  • Will trick you into being ready to jam with friends and family
  • Learned to embrace mistakes and leverage them
  • Is not a hawaïan shirt-wearing extrovert
  • ​Will give you a full refund if you are not satisfied!


Is Ukulele Foundations for me?

Ukulele Foundations is the follow-up course to the free 5-Day Ukulele Bootcamp for Absolute Beginners.

Is this you?

  • Your fingers are able to play basic chords (C, G, F, Am, D7, Em, etc..)
  • You have been playing songs to the best of your abilities
  • You feel like you are no longer making progress
  • You might have picked up a few bad habits
  • You would like to have solid ukulele basics to build on top of

Ukulele Foundations is designed to help you:

  • Feel more confident in your ukulele-playing abilities
  • Have fun jamming and singing your favorite songs with friends and family
  • Solidify your sense of rhythm and build a strumming repertoire
  • Master beginner level on the ukulele and be ready for the rest of your journey: fingerstyle, musical styles, jamming, and more!

What will I be learning?

Together we’ll build strong ukulele foundations so that you:

  1. Can play with confidence
  2. Have more Fun
  3. Start making progress again

Rhythm / Strumming:

  • How to ear, feel and read rhythm
  • Choosing the right strumming technique
  • The golden rules of strumming
  • The most popular strumming patterns
  • Making your strumming more interesting

Chord Changes / Chord Progressions:

  • The most common chord changes
  • Tips and tricks or faster and smoother chord changes
  • The most common chord progressions
  • Well-known songs to practice your chords changes and chord progressions

Basic Melodies:

  • Keeping your fingers in game shape!
  • Reading tabs with rhythm
  • Playing melodies you know to unlock a ukulele superpower
  • Getting ready to have fun with fingerstyle

Stacking the deck in your favor:

  • The proper sequence to practice and learn songs
  • Setting yourself up for success quicker
  • Protecting your motivation
  • Getting a bit better every time you play

What won't I be learning?

There is just so much we can see in 6 classes.

Here’s a quick list of what we’ll see in other upcoming classes (so that you can put your foundations to good use)

  • Fingerpicking
  • Bar, Moveable, and Jazz chords
  • Advanced Rhythms and Strums
  • Percussive ukulele (the chunk and his friends)
  • Reading traditional notation for melodies (although we are halfway there just like Bon Jovi)
  • Theory (chords, scales, transposing, etc..)
  • Soloing / Improvisation
  • Fretboard knowledge

What do I need for the course?

1. At least a ukulele!

If you don’t have one, try to borrow one for the week. Seriously, most ukulele players have several #justsaying
You can get a highly playable and great-sounding instrument starting at around $100.

2. The Zoom App (if you plan to attend Live)

Simply install Zoom on any of your devices (it’s free) to join me during the live lessons and play-along practice sessions. The Zoom link will be sent via email on the day of the class.

3. Books (if you can)

While reviewing the best beginner books out there, I came across a few that I believe every ukulele player should own.
They are optional but act as wonderful companions to this course (and others to come).

How to play the Ukulele for the complete Ignoramus
Hands down the most to the point basic technique book out there.

It also features a ton of American Folk simple songs (Chords and Melody).

Buy on Amazon

Ukulele Exercises for Dummies
The best foundations book out there (yes, better than Ukulele for Dummies) when it comes to strumming, fingerpicking, and learning the ukulele fretboard.

A must-have!

Buy on Amazon

The Ultimate Ukulele Fake Book: Over 400 Songs to Strum & Sing
A great collection of over 400 songs from all eras and styles!

Hours and hours of fun.

Buy on Amazon

Suggested entry-level ukuleles (around $100 CAD)

Soprano Ukulele
Makala Kala Shark and Dolphin Soprano Series
  • Around $100
  • Made from composite
  • Awesome sound for the price
  • Makala is the entry-level brand of Kala
Buy on Amazon
Concert Ukulele
Enya Nova U 23″ Concert Ukulele Kit
  • Around $100
  • Made out of Carbon Fiber
  • Excellent first ukulele
Buy on Amazon
Tenor Ukulele
AKLOT Tenor Bamboo Ukulele Set
  • Around $100
  • Made out of Bamboo!
  • Complete kit with case, strings, strap, and a tuner
Buy on Amazon

Suggested beginner ukuleles ($100 - $200 CAD)

Soprano Ukulele
Kala KA-PSS Pineapple
  • Around $160
  • Made from Mahogany
  • Puts you in the mood right away 😉
  • Check out the other versions with different designs
Buy on Amazon
Concert Ukulele
Kala KA-15 Ukulele Bundle
  • Around $190
  • Made out of Satin Mahogany (wood)
  • Includes tuner, gig bag, strap, and a set of extra strings
Buy on Amazon
Tenor Ukulele
Enya Tenor ukulele bundle
  • Around $180
  • Made out of Solid Mahogany
  • Includes everything you need: tuner, gig bag, capo, strap, finger shaker, and a set of extra fluorocarbon strings
Buy on Amazon

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